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Why All Tryes Are Black

You may also think why the color of the tire can only be black. Can't it be white, pink or iridescent? In fact, this problem has been thought about more than 100 years ago, has also been vigorously practiced, the final result is that we choose black by coincidence.


The first tire in the world was white, because white was the natural color of rubber, Buick tires were white in 1894 and had no pattern.

But then a tire factory tried to make a different color: silver grey. They consulted a New York chemical company to make a silver grey tire. The chemical company tried every means to add black and red ingredients and try to use paint to change the color. In the end, they were the only ones who succeeded. The tire factory has developed black tires, and this black tire is added to the carbon black material that we use today in the tire factory. Most importantly, they found that the tire with carbon black has a life span of 4-5 times longer than the original natural rubber white tire factory.

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About 30% of the tyres are carbon black. Of course, with the development of the tire industry there will certainly be other raw materials to replace the original raw materials, may also appear in other colors, Michelin developed the world's first color tire. For bicycles, no matter how high the speed or load, it can be considered to add some ingredients or paint some color when designing tires to enhance the dazzling effect, but the car for the tire requirements are much higher, tire performance design must be the most important, so less dazzling Designed colors, but there are many manufacturers that use colors to embellish tire sidelines where they are not easily worn.

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In addition to rubber, a black substance, carbon black, is added to the tire to make it black. The combination of carbon black and rubber will make rubber very strong. Although other colors of tires can be produced technically, the manufacturing process is complex and costly.

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So at present, the tires in the world are all black. One day color tires will be widely used. Think about the world of colorful wheels on the roads. I'm afraid the traffic policeman's eyes will be dazzled.

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