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Where else can Trump go?

Trump, the 45th president of the United States, a real estate businessman, came on stage with an abacus on his back. It has been more than a year since 2018. His actions have changed from day to day, his words have never been hidden, and the earth has learned them. He does not know the law of human existence on earth, and he does not only shade the sky by his own discretion, but also by his own words. He felt that the enemy countries were all offended, and that his brothers and allies in the sand pot and his friends in the wine and meat were all offended, and that they were at a loss to do anything about it. When Hillary and he ran for U.S. presidency, a latex factory in China received orders from foreign countries for Trump's head-image injection mold products. I also brought Trump's head-image to a rubber technology exchange for the rubber friends to enjoy and play on the head. The rubber friends always thought Trump's head-image was not good. In general, it is a bit of a "anti bone" phase. But people can't look at it, just laugh it off.

Not to mention his arbitrary military willingness to wield the flames of war to the territory of other countries, to sail warships into the territorial waters of other countries, but that he has come to the end of the road in dealing with international relations that previous presidents of the United States have never taken.

First of all, his six relatives refused to acknowledge, and for reasons not in the interest of the United States, he withdrew from the economic NATO sponsored by Singapore, Chile, New Zealand and Brunei [Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area]. New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Australia, which had always been on the heels of the United States, felt unfriendly. What kind of medicine do you sell in Trump Cucurbits? Is not the United States saying it is humanitarian and pays attention to national health? How can such a global, regardless of political system, be aimed at improving? International agreements on human survival also exit

Trump's retrograde actions have caused a lot of resentment among his former American allies. Trump "retreated" and torn his face as a permanent member of the United Nations. He disregarded the United Nations organization, and left the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the United Nations Human Rights Council successively. This makes the world understand that you and the United States do not exchange education with the international community, natural science. Social sciences, cultural knowledge and self-defensive withdrawal, but before the dues should not rely on it, how has the reputation of being the richest country, how can it become a "Lao Lai" because of regional silver? If Trump in China, once on the Lao Lai Hao list, even aircraft, high-speed rail, ships are not entitled to enjoy it!

Here's a special talk about human rights. The U.S. has been singing about human rights, advocating democracy and freedom, always pointing at other countries, in fact, it sticks a shit on its buttocks, relying on nagging to cover up domestic racial discrimination, social injustice, and the invasion of other countries, mutilating the people's crimes, but now it knows it has shit on its own. Crisp, withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council, not mentioning human rights. 

The most ridiculous thing is that with a long history, headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, a permanent neutral country, it aims to promote, organize and improve international postal services, develop international cooperation in postal affairs, and is related to the "Universal Postal Union" of international information transmission. UPU and Trump have withdrawn. Trump's brain may have really entered the water. Good end, the United Nations. How did the United States, as a permanent member of the United Nations, go to govern and support its subsidiary organs? Where is the image of a great power?

Back, back, back, Trump, really have the ability, the next step, all the countries of the world to blame, the best out of the United Nations, live alone. Let the people of the world see clearly that the United States is a genuine imperialist aggressor, so-called democracy, freedom, humanity, the mask has been stripped to a glance, the new international order will replace the hegemony and dominant situation, Trump eventually retreated to the Pacific Ocean waves to brainwash it!

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