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Upgrading of Natural Rubber Industry

At the rubber tree breeding base of the Rubber Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, the green and healthy rubber plantlets thrive in the white canister.

This is the small tube nursery technology, with the self designed cone shaped small tube as the nursery container, combined with the matrix cultivation and water and fertilizer drip irrigation technology, better solve the traditional bagged rubber seedling raising time is too long, planting difficulties, high labor intensity problem.

This is one of the technologies for the Tropical Agricultural Academy of China to cope with the shortage of labour in the natural rubber industry. At present, the natural rubber industry is facing the bottleneck of labor shortage and so on. It is imminent to carry out the fourth industrial upgrading.

As we all know, the production of natural rubber is a labor-intensive industry, especially in the process of cutting rubber production, it is also necessary for a large number of young and middle-aged workers with high technical level, and the labor cost accounts for about 70% of the production cost. As a result of a large number of young and young workers entering the city, the labor force is short and the labor costs have risen sharply, resulting in a large increase in the cost of natural rubber production. At the same time, the price of natural rubber has fallen, resulting in a sharp decline in the income of production enterprises and rubber farmers. The cutting income is far below the labor cost. The more and less the opening cuts are owed, some enterprises and rubber farmers must not stop cutting glue and have a serious impact on the stability and sustainable development of the natural rubber industry. Therefore, how to plant a higher yield of rubber trees, solve the rubber production labor shortage and other issues become an urgent need to solve.

In view of the bottleneck of the development of China's natural rubber industry, the Rubber Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences has led the establishment of a natural rubber discipline innovation system which covers germplasm resources, breeding, cultivation, plant protection, processing and industrial economy, and has made substantial progress. Some of the technologies have made breakthrough progress. The basic reserve has been provided to promote the fourth technological upgrading of China's natural rubber industry.

In the cultivation of new varieties, a new generation of new high yield and high yield resistant varieties, such as hot research 7-33-97, hot research 7-20-59, hot research 8-79, hot land 525 and hot reclamation 628 have been selected and introduced successively. Reyan 7-33-97 is high-yielding and fast-growing, Reyan 7-20-59 is high-yielding and wind-resistant, Reyan 8-79 is one of the highest-yielding varieties at home and abroad, Reken 525 and 628 are fast-growing and High-yielding varieties.

Breakthroughs have been made in the propagation technology of self-rooted young clones of Hevea brasiliensis. More than 10000 seedlings of self-rooted young clones of Hevea brasiliensis can be produced annually. This technology will be expected to solve the bad effects of the rootstock in the planting material of rubber tree, and make the planting material change from the old to the young, which makes the growth faster than 10%, the yield increase by more than 15%, and the green forest is neatly. It is the key technology for the fourth industrial upgrading of the industry.

In order to develop a new generation of rubber wood comprehensive utilization technology, environmental protection and high quality rubber wood treatment technology has been developed, and great breakthrough has been made in the modification of rubber solid wood, and the medium test products of carbonized rubber wood and low molecular weight resin modified rubber wood have been developed.  These technologies have laid a good foundation for solving the environmental pollution of rubber wood treatment, improving the quality of rubber wood and increasing the production efficiency of rubber wood.

New breakthroughs in intercropping intercropping technology have been made, and a whole cycle mode is developed. Under the condition that the production of natural rubber per unit area is not reduced, a variety of production activities can be carried out in the 50%~60% garden land space for a long time, and it is important to increase the output rate of unit rubber garden, increase the job position and increase the income of the rubber farmers. It's going to work.

Since China planted rubber in the 1950s, the natural rubber industry has undergone three technological upgrades, making the development of China's natural rubber industry into the world's advanced ranks. The first technological upgrading was the cultivation technique of rubber tree moving northward, which upgraded the natural rubber industry from scattered cultivation to large-scale intensive production. In 2013, China planted more than 17 million mu of rubber, the planting area ranked the third in the world; produced 865,000 tons of natural rubber, annual output ranked the fourth in the world. The second technical upgrading is the imported test and application of the superior clones of rubber tree in foreign countries, which makes the production of natural rubber in China 30 years ahead of advance and 4.5 times a single production, which has greatly contributed to the leap forward development of China's natural rubber industry. The third technology upgrading is to improve the cutting technology, so that the production efficiency of China's natural rubber tapping can be doubled. Three days, one knife, four days, one knife and so on, the new cutting system has greatly improved the productivity of tapping labor.

In the face of the new situation of the fourth industrial upgrading of the natural rubber industry, in addition to the basic reserve technology, the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences will also work hard on the large amount of natural rubber production technology, production synergy technology, efficient and safe gluing technology, automatic processing technology and high performance natural rubber products. The industry is upgrading.

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