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Treatment of Sewage After Carbon Black Production?

In the process of carbon black production, certain industrial waste water will be produced. Some of these waste water will not pollute the environment, some are not the same, the best way is the follow-up treatment of waste water.

1.air floatation

After simple treatment of the grille, the waste water can remove large particles and flow into the sump. After adding, stirring and then moving to the inclined plate sedimentation tank, the precipitated supernatant into the floatation tank, through the reflux pump into the dissolved gas tank, other impurities directly discharged. The slag scraped from the slag scraping equipment and the precipitated sludge enter the sludge concentration pool, and then the mud cake is recycled through the vacuum pressure filter to be recycled, and the filter fluid flows into the pool.

2. Oil reunion method

In the carbon black wastewater, the quantitative neutral oil (kerosene, heavy oil, gasoline and so on) was stirred for a period of time. The carbon black was separated after statically clarified and stratified, and the separated carbon black was filtered, and a proper amount of carbon tetrachloride was used to wash the filter cake, and the solid carbon black was obtained after the filtration and drying.

Most of the waste water treatment after the modern carbon black production is to recycle the waste as much as possible, which not only solves the problem of the waste water discharge, but also realizes the rational use of the waste water again.

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