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Japan Fake scandals spread all over the world

"Although a screw is small and light, it is very strong. It supports the manufacturing industry of Japan formally." When it comes to made in japen, the most praiseworthy thing is probably the spirit of focusing only on one thing all one's life. Japan's "craftsman spirit" can be said to be everywhere, and Japanese manufacturing has long become a high-level, sophisticated and sophisticated code name. However, in recent years, scandals have frequently erupted in Japan, falling directly from an industry benchmark that will never collapse to an international laughing stock. The scandal did not intend to let Japan's manufacturing industry go. Recently, a new scandal of falsification broke out, and this time it extended to a new field, booing in the international arena.

TOKAN, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Co., Japan, announced recently that 253 kinds of rubber products produced by the company for railway vehicles and elevators are in violation of regulations, such as omitting quality-related inspections. It is terrible that Shinkansen, the pillar of Japan's economy, is included in its supply list. In November this year, Donghai Railway Company also disclosed that Shinkansen did use its illegal products, which means that Japan may have a high-speed rail tragedy at any time. After the news broke out, the Japanese people were angry!

What makes Japanese people incredible is that in January this year, the company has found abnormal quality behavior, and knowingly violated the inspection regulations, but still desperately hide the danger, and continue to supply to customers as usual, which has violated the agreement with customers. After checking the performance of products that violate the regulations, the company confirms the safety and provides them according to different levels of customers. Products of different quality. TOKAN grasped the violation situation at the end of January, but gave priority to dealing with individual customers, which has not been announced so far. If it hadn't been for the product quality problem to be exposed, it is estimated that TOKAN would have been able to conceal it all the time.

From 2016 onwards, from Mitsubishi's fuel consumption fraud, Takata's "death airbag", Japan's 100-year private enterprise Toshiba's financial fraud, Nissan's use of ineligible inspectors for vehicle factory inspection, Japan's third largest steel company Kobe steel was exploded, Japan's carbon fiber giant Toray was exploded product fraud, to January 2018, Japan's leading glass enterprise Asahi Glass The company's subsidiaries forged product quality books. Over the years, Japanese manufacturers have stepped on their credit and reputation again and again, and the good image created by the family industry for decades or even centuries has collapsed.

As China, the United States, Germany, South Korea and other countries begin to seize market share, Japan can only watch the dominant position of manufacturing industry being slightly eroded by rivals in China and other regions, they are sad, they are anxious, but they have no choice. The ultimate choice is to take risks with all one's strength, and then start to fake, win, their own enterprises can survive in the world today, but also help Japanese manufacturers to pull back a game, once lost, it is doomed. With manufacturing leaders bowing and apologizing again and again at shorter intervals, the Japanese can no longer tolerate, lamenting that Japanese manufacturing has lost the spirit of craftsmen who adhered to the century!

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It is worth mentioning that the golden age of Japanese manufacturing has passed. While the world is criticizing Japanese manufacturing, it is also leading the global quality point against the fact that Russia and Germany are locking their rivals in China. Although Made in China did have some negative comments such as "shanzhai, inferior quality" at the beginning, they were synonymous with low cost and efficiency for a long time, and had once impacted the manufacturing industry all over the world. However, in recent years, the manufacturing industry in China has been constantly changing to "China Intelligent Manufacturing". It is a fait accompli that Japanese manufacturing industry is hard to compete with China in the middle and low-end. Made in China has become a brand of high quality and attracted worldwide attention. Made in China can not only control the cost at the lowest level, but also once quantified, its competitiveness is unparalleled.

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