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The production of Enterprises in Shandong is not Environmentally,be Penalized

In 2017, 1-7 tires, rubber and related enterprises in Dongying,Shandong province were punished for 23 times in 20 months.

These enterprises are involved in illegal activities, such as secretly laying waste pipes, stealing waste water and exhausts in the workshop.

It is understood that in just 4 months, Dongying Wanda Bao Tong Tire Co., Ltd. was punished by the environmental protection department for 3 times, with a total fine of 160 thousand yuan.

The company has transferred 1.72 tons of waste oil to the Dongying Guoan Chemical Co., Ltd. under the condition that the company did not fill in the transfer list of hazardous waste in accordance with the state regulations and did not obtain approval.

In addition to Wanda Bao Tong, Shandong Huasheng Rubber Co., Ltd. also received the two Zhang Fadan from Guangrao County Environmental Protection Bureau within 3 months.

According to the analysis, the penalty amount of the enterprises which are punished by environmental protection in Dongying is relatively large.

Dongying Fangxing Rubber Co., Ltd. is not running normally because of a waste gas treatment facility in the vulcanization workshop. The waste gas of the workshop has been punished by 200 thousand yuan for multiple reasons, such as the air fan in the surrounding environment.

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