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The First "Style Of Rubber Forest On The Mountain" Was Held at Xinhua Farm

During the Mid-Autumn Festival of the National Day, Xinhua Farm held the first-ever event to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the founding of Xinhua Farm and the new book Luo Xiaoge's “Rubber Forest on the Mountain Side” with the theme of “Sharing Cultural Feast and Renewing Brilliance”. The old staff from the field, the educated youth who went to the town to go to the countryside, and the cultural celebrities from all walks of life attended the event.

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The Xinhua Farm, which has gone through 65 years of spring and autumn, has grown from nothing, from small to large, from poverty to well-off; from the cultivation of rubber single industry to the development of multi-industry pattern of rubber, tea, fruit and other planting and tourism services; The employees have achieved a good result in living and working in peace and ecology.

"Rubber Forest on the Hill" was written by Luo Xiaoge, a member of the Chinese Writers Association. She is the "Golden Phoenix" flying out of the rubber forest of Xinhua Farm. Luo Xiaoge went to Xinhua Farm in 1969 and went to work in Dashan for a full seven years before returning to the city. With her own ingenuity and perseverance, she has created her own glory in rubber forest, in teacher positions, in editors, professors, writers and other different positions! People are good hometown, the moon is hometown, she said that Xinhua Farm is her "second hometown"! On the same day, she brought her documentary novel “Rubber Forest on the Hillside”, which was based on her work and life experience, to her second hometown, Xinhua Farm, where she held a debut ceremony to present a feast of culture for the farmers.

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"Rubber Forest on the Hill" is a long-form prose novel with the autobiographical color of the poetess. It takes the Cultural Revolution and Shangshan to the countryside as the background, and has shaped the group image with female educated youth as the main body. In the art form, the novel uses a description method similar to the "Clearing the River on the River" style of scatter scrolls to shape the group image of a group of women at the bottom of the society and women educated youth, showing the customs of small towns in Jiangnan, China and the style of the farmer's rubber forest.

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