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The Characteristics of The Common Rubber Accelerators

Adding accelerator in rubber can promote the reaction between rubber and vulcanizing agent, increase vulcanization speed, reduce vulcanization temperature, shorten vulcanization time, reduce the dosage of vulcanization agent, and improve the chemical properties of the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanizate.

A.different rubber adopt different curing system and different accelerator type.

B.Accelerators play a decisive role in the scorching performance. Correct selection of accelerators is helpful to the mixing, calendering, extrusion and operation safety of rubber compound. The general mold pressing needs a certain scorching time, while the non mold sulfur does not need too long scorching time.

The anti scorching performance of C and promoter is related to the critical temperature. The promoter exceeds the critical temperature rapidly. Some accelerators will be inhibited when the combination of various accelerators is used, and some accelerators will also have greater activity at the critical temperature.

The combination of D and accelerant should make the compound have wide vulcanization and flatness.

Rubber is a bad thermal conductor, and the internal heat of the surface of the rubber is not the same. The broad vulcanization flatness is the guarantee of avoiding sulphur and the uniform vulcanization of the parts of the products.

Reasonable collocation of E and accelerator can also improve the aging property of vulcanizate, have certain plasticizing effect and improve the processing property of vulcanizate. Disadvantages, such as poor dispersity, contamination and accelerator, are generally not toxic.

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