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Ten factors of rubber O-ring leakage

The problem of rubber O-ring leakage is inevitable. What we can do is to minimize the leakage. What are the factors that affect the leakage of rubber O-ring?


1. The quality of rubber O-ring is not up to standard.

2, rubber O-ring aging is serious.

3. The installation of rubber O-ring is not qualified.

4. The formulation of rubber O-ring is not qualified

5, the sealing design of mechanical equipment is not qualified.

6, mechanical equipment trench size and quality problems.

7. High oil temperature leads to wear, aging and even failure of rubber O-ring.

8, high pressure causes the O-ring to be squeezed out.

9, lubrication is not in place, or solid lubrication is used to cause the rubber O-ring to be worn.

10, impurities in the media and oil are contaminated, causing the rubber O-ring to wear or corrode.

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