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Safety Procedures for Rubber Processing Enterprises

Safety procedures for artificial rubber cutting

1. Check the oil level of the oil tank, electric limit switch, transmission device and hydraulic system carefully before operation to keep the glue cutter intact. The glue cutter must be equipped with series double switch device.

2. trolley transport shall not exceed the limit specified by our factory.

3. iron must be used when cutting glue.

4. The raw glue can be started after placing it in place. After starting, the glue block should be strictly prevented from popping up and hurting people. When cutting glue, no part of the body should be allowed to cross the knife position line, and no hand should be used when the cutting knife descends. The foot should push the raw glue.

5. continuous rubber cutting is prohibited. Cold cuts, hard raw rubber and sundries are prohibited.

6. when the equipment is running, it is strictly prohibited to crawl or lie down on the conveyor belt.

7. when cutting to the edge of the knife, the cutter will be lifted and padded, and the power will be carried out after cutting off the power supply.

8. when it is disused, the cutter should be lowered, cut off the power supply and arrange the site.

Safe operation procedures for automatic glue cutting

1. observe the safety regulations of artificial glue cutting.

2. the automatic glue cutting personnel should contact the scale personnel of the corresponding machine before carrying out the operation.

Safety operation rules for gel breaking machine

1. send and take, strictly prohibit crossing, crawling, lying and waiting, so as to prevent hurting people.

2. the conveyor belt must be used to feed the conveyor belt when the rubber is pressed and stopped. Parking must be processed. Prevent rubber from being crushed and damaged when handling rubber compound.

3. Strictly prevent the rubber from popping up and hurting people when breaking the rubber. When the roller is not easy to roll the rubber, it must be handled with special tools. It is forbidden to press the rubber down by hand.

4. other identical (safety operation rules for open rubber mixer).

Safety operation rules for XHM series mixer

1. Wear anti-virus and anti-dust masks before work according to the regulations. The vacuum cleaner must be opened first.

2. Before starting the mixing room, the rotor must be checked for impurities, the upper and lower jack bolts, flip doors, instruments, signal devices and so on.

3. a signal must be sent before driving, and it can be driven without any danger when it is heard.

4. Close down the top bolt before feeding, put the film one by one, strictly prohibit one feeding, powder should be lightly thrown, carbon black bags should be thrown downward to the duct one by one.

5. It is strictly forbidden to look at the probe in the mixing chamber during the operation of the equipment. When you have to look at it, you should hook the turning door of the feeding port with a hook, lift the top bolt and insert the safety pin before you can look at the probe.

6. during operation, it is found that debris must be shut down when it goes out of the mixing room or fails.

7. In case of sudden stop, the upper jack bolt should be lifted and inserted into the safety pin, the lower jack bolt should be opened, the power supply cut off, and the water and steam valves should be closed. If you use manual rotary coupling to discharge material, pay attention to cooperate with each other and strictly prohibit driving with materials.


8. the upper bolt must be stopped when the rubber is squeezed.

9. the material leaking out of the top bolt is not allowed to be pulled by hand, and must be removed by iron hook.

10. the operation should be carried out outside the feeding and turnover board, and the lower part of the discharge port is not allowed to stand.

11. Careful handling of materials should be done when using the carriage or trolley, and the materials should be handled lightly to prevent injuries.

12. row materials, change varieties, parking and so on should be linked to the next process.

13. Insert the safety pin after stopping, close the turning door, drop the top bolt, open the bottom bolt, close the air, water and steam valves, cut off the power supply.

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