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A Rubber Tree, Three Generation Rubber Man

In Huguang farm in western Guangdong, my family has gone through the story of "a rubber tree and three generations of rubber people". From the growth of a small rubber tree, we witness the prosperity of our motherland.

In the early days of new China, our country decided to plant natural rubber in large areas in Hainan and western Guangdong. Guangdong farms and various farms came into being, and various personnel (talents) were also deployed to build. My father was the mayor of Meixiang Township, who was 20 years old. He was then transferred to the lake light farm manager.

Huguang farm, founded in 1952, was originally administered by the Municipal Commission of management, and then belonged to the Zhanjiang Reclamation Bureau. In 1956, it was officially named the state-run Huguang farm. Later it was renamed the production and Construction Corps. My father went to the state run Huguang farm in the 50s of last century to lead workers to plant rubber. At that time, the farm was located in remote areas, desolate, inaccessible, and living conditions were very difficult. My father led the workers to plant and care for the small rubber trees, but also to the river or to dig wells for water irrigation, early and late to return to the land to work hard to contribute to the new China's youth and strength. It was the supply system at that time, but my family was a big family. Our brothers and sisters, together with their mothers, grandparents and great grandmothers, had a difficult life. As a result, in order to take care of my family's actual difficulties, the organization in 1958 transferred his father back to the county town clothing factory (then transferred to the Wuchuan county force car factory) as the director of the factory, and began his career.

I graduated from high school in Wuchuan County in 1970. My father said to me, "anyway, the cause of rubber cultivation in my youth has not yet been completed, so let's go to Huguang farm. "In this way, I was called to the lake farm. Soon Huguang farm was renamed the seventh division and sixth regiment of the Guangzhou military region production and Construction Corps. When I saw the little rubber plantlet planted by my father, now it has grown into a row of tall rubber trees. I am determined to make a career as my father did. We wear a headlight in the morning and gum in the evening. During the days of the general assembly, I dug rubber holes in the daytime with the comrades in arms of the Corps, and at night I lay on the wooden lanterns made of rubber sheets to learn the oil lamps. In the shed built by canvas, we slept on the floor, listening to the crisp bells coming from the distance. I didn't give up studying. I worked hard to learn about rubber in my spare time.  Kung Fu did not bear the heart, I finally entered the college entrance examination in 1979 to enter the Southern China Institute of Engineering (now South China University of Technology) Department of chemical engineering rubber professional study, after graduation, assigned to the Guangzhou rubber factory work, when the factory director and the chief engineer, become our second generation of "rubber people".

In the winter of 2006, I returned to the old place with the more than 100 "corps of comrades" in the same year. I saw there was still a piece of neatly swarthy rubber trees, and 6 new six storey office buildings and workers' residential groups, and the society was developing. In exchange for a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow!

In the spring of 2012, my nephew, Yang Mingyue, was assigned to the Organization Department of the Zhanjiang municipal Party committee. There were three places for him to consider the choice, but the hardest was the Huguang farm. He called to ask for my advice. I told him without saying anything, "go to Huguang farm. Who calls your grandfather and uncle" Hu Guang Ren "? "I also stressed to him:" now the rubber cause of the motherland is not your grandfather reclamation of the time, China's rubber industry not only products export, but also planted in the outside. If you have the chance, you must strive to be a rubber man. "

My nephew, who listened to my opinion, came to Huguang farm as a deputy manager, in charge of planting and rubber import and export, and three times to work in the rubber base of Thailand and Cambodia Co. He is not afraid of hot and dry weather, hard work and outstanding achievements, which makes my uncle proud.

Recalling 60 years ago, my father came to the first rubber seedlings in Leizhou Peninsula, through the "corps fighting" of my generation, and then to the generation of my nephews to Southeast Asian countries. These experiences highlight the growing prosperity of the motherland and embody the grand plan of the "one way" initiative. I am proud of Guangdong agricultural reclamation in the short span of more than 10 years to realize the great aspiration of planting and building a Guangdong agricultural reclamation. I am proud of my three generation rubber man.

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