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The rubber forest behind grandma's house fell off the leaves. Bare rubber trees tremble in the cold wind, stretching up like bare hands, trying to cling to the sky as if they were warmer by pulling down a few passing white clouds and holding them in their arms.


The rubber tree I remember is very cold. When it gets cold, it takes off its only thin coat and covers its feet, then holds its thin body tightly. Fallen leaves piled thicker and thicker at its feet, and it seemed to us that it had covered itself with a quilt. When walking on the top, it will also issue "click clicking" sound, as if crushed many leaves of bone. But when we were young, we could not feel the pain of anything except ourselves.

Rubber is the most important economic crop in my hometown. I spent most of my childhood in the rubber world. In a trance, we heard the sound of the rubber fruit exploding in the scorching sun when it was ripe. We could hear the crisp and beautiful sound outside in Grandma's cabin. When we got ready for a nap in Grandma's bed, we would immediately get up and run quickly into the rubber forest to look for glue, expecting to pick it up.


At that time, we often played a very cruel game, dialect game name is "bite glue", in fact, is the glue bucket, who is the most severe glue, like a walnut, the two sides handed over glue on the palm, and then squeezed, weak glue will be squeezed open. The child who wins is most proud, but the loser doesn't care very much. It's not a big deal to go to the rubber forest to pick up more glue, and then make a final decision. Anyway, there's still a chance.

On one occasion, my cousins and I played the game of "biting glue", I lost the most, used a lot of scrap glue, a pile of broken glue placed in front of me. Their armor was broken, their wrinkled clothes were split, and the white glue was naked. I was unforgettable by the smell of plants that had been squeezed out of the glue.


Since then, I have never liked or played glue-biting, but sometimes I go to the rubber forest with a black plastic bag to pick up a lot of glue and come back to the ground. As the days went by, I saw rubber seedlings grow up little by little, and I was extremely happy.

Here, I would like to talk about the happy wind that lives in rubber plantation in summer. It was like a mysterious music conductor who sometimes directed the leaves of a rubber tree to sing a soothing chorus of "sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand" and sometimes lost his temper, directing all this chaos, sometimes loudly, sometimes silently. Or create strange noises to create a frightening atmosphere. This makes us nervous every time we go to pick up glue and pass through the grave in the rubber plantation.

Especially after the summer rains, at dusk when we go to the rubber forest to concentrate on the black fungus, and sometimes a sudden gust of wind, chilly. As it gets darker and darker, and the sound of a branch fight is heard not far away, it makes us more and more frightened and reminds us of horror stories told by many adults. At that time, we did not even want the black fungus we had picked up, but the only idea was to run home. But when I ran out of the rubber forest, I found myself acting so ridiculously that I went back with my stomach ached with laughter.

Maybe we naughty and fussy kids bothered him, so he made fun of us.  At that time, we had planted awe in our little mind, and what a wonderful classroom of nature.

The adults in the family got up at two or three in the morning to cut rubber in the hills or nearby fields. The same is true now. At night outside the window, the white moonlight is full of the night. Far away, sometimes you will see a dark glue forest, a lamp like a big star shining in the middle. It was a star left in another night.

Until the morning star comes out, the sky is getting brighter and brighter, and the moon's light is getting dimmer and dimmer, then sleep a little longer, and the children who stay home should get up and cook. When people come back for breakfast and it's cold at 8:9 a.m., adults will go to the rubber forest to collect glue in time. Collect a bowl of milky white glue from tapping into a black bucket and sell it at the glue purchasing station that day. Or add some phosphate fertilizer or medicine to the glue to make the glue into a cake, then dehydrate it and compress it into a piece of glue, dry it and sell it.

In our spare time, we would also go to collect the afternoon glue with Grandma, make the cake and sell it, then save up the money. When Grandma and Grandma went to town for the fair, they could buy sweets and all the sweet food with their pocket money.

Grandma occasionally takes us to the pot side cake. At that time, the pan side cake was more like rice cake or paste food.

I vaguely remember the rich fragrance of rice filling the streets, people coming and going, selling pot-side bamboo stalls always steaming hot. There was a big pot being held by the side of the pot, which should have been cooked by the master in the early morning, and now it is on the pot. When the customer comes, a bowl of pot cake is driped with sesame oil and added chopped green onion. If you like pickles, you can add your own pickles to eat.

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