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"Share Bicycle" May Drive The Rapid Development Of The Tire Market

Bicycle, an indelible thing in the process of development in our country, was called the kingdom of bicycles by foreign countries in 80s and 90s. With the development of social economy, people's purse is becoming more and more popular. Cars instead of bicycles become new travel tools. But now, in the second line and even three or four line cities in China, what is the most cool way to ask? The answer is only one: sharing a bicycle.

Compared to private cars and self used bicycles, riding a bicycle to share a bicycle is a convenient and quick way to ride, with the use of riding, especially the short journey is the first choice for young people. As our government is more and more advocating the idea of environmental travel, low carbon travel, I believe that the choice of sharing the bicycle will become more and more popular, that I will be more and more popular. Let's talk about sharing the bike today. 

Daily people can see the shared bicycle, mainly divided into two parts, part of the government investment, management of the urban public bicycles, such as the government of Beijing municipal government of public bicycles, their main features are you. There are some public bicycles which belong to the enterprise investment and management, such as the OFO, the Mo Bai, the small blue car and so on. They have no special parking piles, and they can stop in the space of the city to allow the bicycle to stay at will. 

And bicycle, no matter how cool the appearance is, the most important thing is to have a good tyre, or else it is not embarrassing to ride faster. But because of the tyres, the sharing bike now gradually gets into an awkward situation.

Usually bicycles are generally inflatable, regardless of the winter in summer, riding easily and quickly. But the utility of a public bicycle is a solid tire. The advantage of a solid tire is that it does not need to be inflated regularly. Two is to prevent sharp objects from entering the body. Why does the home bike do not adopt a solid tire? Because the disadvantages of the solid tire are also obvious, weight, and no good elastic, rolling resistance. Great strength, especially in summer, when the solid tire becomes soft, the tyre has a large area of ground and the resistance increases again.

Is there any new bicycle tire that can have both the convenience of the inflatable tire and the solid tire? It is difficult to say it is easy to do. After all, the most headaches of the operation side of the single car are also the imbalance between the user experience and the profit of the single car. After all, it is difficult for the users and enterprises to share the bicycle with the new things. 

But to tell you the truth, in order to improve the comfort of bicycle tyres, many enterprises are now eyeing this market. For example, Hangzhou central policy rubber group, Jiangsu Jiangxin tires, and other companies specially tailor tires for a variety of shared bicycles, and the American tire company also stared at the single tire, the American Nexo tire company recently invented a kind of air proof tires, their advantages are compared to the previous explosion-proof tires. Excellent shock absorption performance is weak, which ensures the tire's softness and shock absorption, and is durable. With the development of the market and the upgrading of users' experience, a number of shared bicycle enterprises have launched second generation of bicycles, such as the second generation of motorbike, using honeycomb tires, rubber injection molding material, riding more comfortable.

Although the shared bike in the city needs to face a lot of problems, such as operating environment, human weakness and the car itself, I believe that the future of our country's sharing single car is beautiful, because the development and improvement process of single car tyres is a developing trend. It is believed that one day, a single car tire product will be released formally. The declaration of a shared bicycle with comfort and reliability is coming.

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