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How to become an excellent rubber craftsman?

As a rubber science and technology worker, I want to raise my technical level to a certain height. The most difficult and admirable process of rubber technology is formula design. In fact, a factory can not always design new recipes. It is the most important duty of craftsmen to constantly optimize the formulation, improve processes and solve process problems. Only by becoming a good formula designer can it be difficult to solve other problems in the process. Because an excellent formula technician not only has rich theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience, but also has a certain understanding of the operation / temperature control / mold structure of the process / equipment and the performance identification of the raw material, then it can have some mature pieces. Even these conditions may not be able to become a good formula designer. It also needs to have a good work / study environment and broaden the scope of thinking.

The rubber industry can be said to be extensive and profound, and to have special specialties. A single product can make an excellent engineer. Even if you are a senior professor, you may not be able to eat the industry. A professional bachelor / Master / doctor can have rich theoretical knowledge and has solid theoretical foundation and good working space in this industry. But sometimes, in many ways, it is not possible to understand correctly. Just like Kong Meng's theory, our ancestors studied for more than 2000 years and are still studying. A lot of theoretical knowledge is full of flexibility, and must undergo a certain amount of experiments and batch production.

Some knowledge is incomprehensible in the classroom, and we must constantly learn and understand deeply in improving technology and solving process problems. This is the main reason why people say that rubber industry has no experience for more than 35 years. They have been working for a number of big companies and big companies for several decades. Over the last hundred years, their formulas and processes have been modified and improved by numerous rubber elites, and there are strict rules and regulations for each link, which can widen your ideas and ideas, but it is not good for you to accumulate rich theories quickly. Practical experience. While small and medium-sized enterprises are conducive to the accumulation of knowledge, they are not conducive to broadening the space of ideas and ideas. All kinds of products have their own characteristics. This is the main reason for understanding.

Rubber is a very strong experimental science, from a simple angle to consider the problem to do experiments, often with the theory is not hooked, this is not a theoretical problem, but your thinking space is too small, often half the effort. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding of the theory. Like to solve the problem of rubber product spray, the technologists often first consider the solubility of the coordination agent in rubber. In fact, most of the coordination agents are beyond the solubility of the non vulcanized rubber at normal temperature. It is only one of the main problems that the concentration of the mixture is too high. It is also with the process and the depth of crosslinking. The formula of the old system, using the storage environment, with the mobility of the system, the balance of the six coordination systems, and so on, are closely related to each other and mutual constraints. In the process of solving problems, craftsmen often get unexpected technological accumulation. When you want to reduce the amount of a single accelerator, you will have a deep understanding of the relationship between the dosage of the accelerator, the relationship between the properties and the crosslinking density and the physical properties of the rubber, and the interaction between the promoters and the mutual restriction. It is helpful for the design of vulcanizing system and the solution of sulphidation.

When you consider the migration of the mixture, you will also get a deeper understanding of the dosage of softener / tackifier / wax and so on. When you think about using the environment, you will carefully study and test the protective system. In a word, the solution of the problem or formula must be considered synthetically, sometimes the problems that can not be solved in the formula, and the adjustment and control in the process.

When you design a product that must increase the crosslink density, the amount of sulfur will naturally increase, and the possibility of spray will increase. Then you have to start with the process of controlling the migration time of the unvulcanized rubber, and sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice some kind of physical property by considering the production efficiency and the harsh strip. And change the curing temperature / time / pressure to consider the problem.

When you solve a problem, your level will raise a small level. Like a pagoda, a layer of knowledge is added. The more you accumulate, the more you accumulate, the farther you see, the more space you get, just like standing on the top of a tall building to see the city, and at this time you can say that it is a True rubber expert.

The formulation technology is quite flexible. Why CAD technology can not be widely popularized in the private sector? In fact, CAD technology is scientific and rapid. In the design, the middle and high grade rationalized formula has been widely applied. But at present, a lot of raw materials in our country, the content / quality of the mixture can not be well controlled. Sometimes the recipe technicians often have a taste of eating a meal when they design the formula.  Programming recipes are often worse. With the product grade, price / equipment / process and other factors, the design space is restricted to some extent. The imbalance of the system makes it impossible for CAD design to make full use of space. Maybe this is a special feature of China's rubber industry.

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