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Production technology of environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber

Environmental friendly recycled rubber is a recycled rubber which is made from scrap all-steel radial tire as the main raw material and environmental friendly additives under certain regeneration conditions.

Recycled rubber production has a history of nearly one hundred years in China. Although the product quality has been gradually improved after many technological changes, the overall situation is still unsatisfactory. Requirements. With the development of the rubber industry, users put forward the need for environmentally friendly recycled rubber, so whether from the market demand, or from the recycled rubber production enterprises themselves, technological innovation, the development of environmentally friendly recycled rubber. It is of great significance to vigorously develop environmentally friendly recycled adhesives in order to avoid being restricted to people and ensure China's economic security in the international trade environment.

In this situation, the vast number of scientific and technological workers in our waste rubber comprehensive utilization industry work closely around the environmental protection performance of recycled rubber, through efforts to adopt a reasonable process and formula, developed a green recycled rubber, and has been industrialized production, through the use of better results by users, to achieve the desired purpose.

Two. Development and production of environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber

The recycled rubber is made of all-steel radial tire as the main raw material. Through cleaning and crushing, environmental-friendly additives, optimum formula, reasonable temperature and time for recycling, and then kneading and refining, the recycled rubber is finally produced.

The waste glue is used for scrap all-steel meridian tire or oblique cross tire, and the softener is used for pine tar, wood tar, rosin, toll oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil and other environmental friendly additives.


2. selection of production processes

At present, dynamic state desulphurization or atmospheric plasticization are commonly used in China. Process conditions and formulations vary depending on the equipment and pressure and temperature.

Four. Application of environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber

Environmental friendly recycled rubber is made from waste tires by crushing, fine crushing, desulfurization, pressing, gumming and refining. The softeners used in the desulfurization process are mainly pine tar, wood tar, rosin, toll oil, cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil and other plant series. There is no toxic and harmful gas volatilization in the process of use, no harm to the human body, at the same time, the product processing performance is superior to the contaminated reclaimed rubber, no fouling, no yellowing, blue. The chemical composition index meets the relevant regulations of developed countries such as Europe and America. At present, foreign customers and some domestic rubber products export enterprises all adopt this kind of environmental protection recycled rubber. Environmental friendly recycled rubber is widely used in tires, rubber shoes, rubber hoses, rubber belts, automotive interior decorative plywood, indoor building sound insulation board and other environmentally friendly rubber products which require no pollution. It is an ideal material to improve rubber processing technology and reduce production costs.

Application of environmental friendly reclaimed rubber in power tyre

After years of research and exploration, the industry has a wealth of experience in the production of recycled rubber, mature technology, and summed up in practice, recycled rubber in the tire products can not only reduce the cost of raw materials, but also improve the processing properties of rubber. It is confirmed that the regenerated rubber is not only a substitute for the raw rubber, but also an excellent mixing agent. It not only has good technological properties, but also has good physical and mechanical properties. According to a rough survey, the tire industry uses about about 1500000 tons of reclaimed rubber every year. The following are some of the user's experience in the use of environmentally friendly recycled rubber: Rongcheng a tire company: rubber blended with recycled rubber, low load, easy to disperse, eat powder fast, can reduce energy consumption; blended with recycled rubber, rubber Mooney viscosity is low, the rubber in the mold fluidity is improved, the appearance of the product is bright and clean, no defect. Depression. A certain tire company in Kunming: the smell of environmental friendly recycled rubber in the mixing process and vulcanization process is obviously reduced, especially the smell of finished products in the warehouse storage process is significantly reduced, recognized by the distributor of tires; environmental friendly rubber is acidic, and has a certain delayed vulcanization effect on the rubber compound: using environmental friendly recycled rubber to produce tire performance The performance requirements of tire can be achieved. A tire company in Shandong: after using reclaimed rubber in motorcycle cord fabric, the physical machine is used.

The reduction of mechanical properties is not obvious, but the cost is greatly reduced, saving 0.87 yuan per kilogram, which has certain economic benefits: improving the mixing process of rubber compound, saving man-hour, reducing power consumption, and rubber fluidity is good, easy to calender, press out, and the performance of the finished product does not change.

Application of environmentally friendly reclaimed rubber in car tyres

According to the experiment of a tire company in Qingdao, it is proved that the physical properties of the tire compound can fully meet the requirements of the tire compound by using 5 phr environmental fine rebrand rubber and adjusting the vulcanization system properly. The extrusion and molding technology can be improved, the performance and durability of the finished tire are excellent, and the production cost is reduced. By mixing environmental friendly recycled rubber, the company reduced the cost of mixing rubber by 0.17 yuan per ton, which can save nearly 1 million yuan per year.

Application of environmental friendly reclaimed rubber in rubber shoes

Recycled rubber has long been used in rubber shoes and footwear industry. Recycled rubber can replace some of the raw rubber used in some products. It can also reduce costs and improve the processing properties of rubber materials. It is usually used to prepare leather soles, rubber soles, sponge soles and hard medium soles. Because some of the previous reclaimed rubber varieties have a peculiar smell, they are used in the rubber shoes.

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