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National Congress of Polymer Materials (rubber) Vocational Education Group

The national polymer (rubber) vocational education group meeting and the rubber science and Technology Summit Forum were held in Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology, and rubber technology network was invited to participate in this conference.

In July 12th, the National Congress of polymer materials (rubber) vocational education group and the rubber science and Technology Summit Forum were held in our university. Ren Yaosheng, vice president of the China Chemical Education Association and the director of the National Petroleum and chemical vocational education and Instruction Committee, Hou Fengxia, vice secretary general of the China Rubber Industry Association, Aska Yang, President of Sichuan Vocational College of Chemical Industry, and the Secretary of the Party committee of our school wish Mu Wei, Dean Zhang Denghong, vice president Zhang Fangru, and the rubber industry association of Jiangsu Province President Xu Haichao, Secretary General Nie Hengkai, representatives from 21 institutions of higher learning from the country, representatives of the national rubber related enterprises and industry experts, and all the teachers of the school of Materials College of our university, participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by our Party committee deputy secretary and Professor Zhang Denghong.

At the meeting, Secretary Zhu Muwei gave a welcome speech. On behalf of the school, he warmly welcomed the arrival of leaders, experts, teachers and business representatives. He pointed out that it would give full play to the function of the polymer (rubber) vocational education group, and further promote the integration of production and education, the cooperation of school enterprises, the integration of high quality resources, the cooperation of cohesive members, the unity of domestic and foreign forces with distinctive industry characteristics, and the promotion of better and faster development of the professional education for high molecular materials and the improvement of vocational education suits. Economic and social and industrial development capacity.

Vice President Zhang Fangru reported to the General Assembly on the preparation of the national polymer material (rubber) vocational education group.

Director Ren Yaosheng read out the approval for the establishment of the National Polymer Material (Rubber) Vocational Education Group and gave a speech on the development of Vocational education.

The Congress passed the "national polymer material (rubber) Vocational Education Group charter" (Draft). The General Assembly elected the group Council. Our school was elected as the director of the national polymer (rubber) Vocational and educational group. 27 units, such as the Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology, were elected as vice chairman units. At the same time, 85 members were selected, and the secretaries general and Deputy Secretary General of the group were selected.

President Zhang Denghong, President of the new national polymer (rubber) vocational education group, was elected president of the national polymer material (rubber) vocational education group. He hoped that the group members should strengthen communication, unite and cooperate, cooperate actively, actively participate in the work of the group, and offer suggestions for the development of the group. At the same time, the work plan of the vocational education group in 2018 is reported from three aspects, such as improving the mechanism, strengthening the guarantee, building the platform, gathering resources, promoting the project and promoting cooperation.

Finally, the chairman of the ROC held a launching ceremony for the establishment of the vocational education group.

At the Summit Forum on rubber technology, I wish wood Wei secretary, vice secretary Hou Fengxia, Professor Xin Zhenxiang of Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Professor Liu Dachen of Shenyang University of chemical engineering, Professor Xie Zhonglin of Beijing rubber industry research and Design Institute, and Chang Dayong deputy chief engineer of Shenyang rubber research and design Institute and Chang Dayong. The development of the forefront and other aspects of the study, the atmosphere is lively.

The College of materials engineering has a history of 40 years of high polymer materials. The Institute of materials has 1 outstanding teachers at the national level, 1 provincial teachers, 2 teachers of the national industry association, 2 high level talents of "333 project" in Jiangsu Province, 5 backbone teachers of "blue blue project" in Jiangsu Province, and the National Petrochemical Federation 1 teaching teams, 1 teaching teams in Jiangsu Province, 1 outstanding scientific and technological innovation teams at Jiangsu provincial level, 1 excellent teaching teams of "blue and blue project" in Jiangsu colleges and 1 national demonstration training bases, are the base of high molecular material teachers training base and national petroleum industry demonstration training base of the Ministry of education, which are known as China The "Whampoa military academy" trained by the rubber industry.

The establishment of the national polymer material (rubber) Vocational Education Group has been strongly supported by Jiangsu Rubber Industry Association. The national polymer material (rubber) vocational education group follows the activities of "building, sharing, sharing, winning and sharing". It combines the educational resources of relevant vocational colleges, universities, enterprises, industry associations, scientific research institutions and so on. Through the deepening of school enterprise cooperation and the combination of teaching and research, the group has the advantage of group, combination effect and scale effect. We should build a sharing platform, improve the comprehensive strength of the vocational education of polymer materials, better serve the national construction strategy, and serve the whole world with the "one area and one way".

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