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Introduction of commonly used rubber machinery and equipment

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Introduction of commonly used rubber machinery and equipment

It is a machine for preparing rubber or semi-finished products, including raw material processing machinery, rubber mixer, extruder, calender, cord canvas pretreatment device and cutting machine, etc.

Rubber machine:

The rubber mixing machine is divided into two categories: open and closed.

Open type rubber mixing machine (opener):

Double roller open rubber mixing machine has been used in production since 1826. Its structure is relatively simple, and it is still widely used in modern times.

It is mainly used for hot refining, pressing, breaking, plasticizing and mixing of rubber. It consists of roller, roller bearing, roll distance adjusting device, emergency brake device, frame, frame, transmission device and heating and cooling system. The working principle of an open rubber mixer is that raw rubber or rubber material is pulled into the gap between two rollers with different rotating speed and opposite direction by means of friction force, and the plasticity is increased by strong shearing and extrusion.

Closed rubber mixing machine: (mixer)

Invented elliptical rotor closed rubber mixing machine in 1916

It is mainly used for rubber mixing and mixing. It has one more mixer than the open rubber mixer (Fig. 1). When raw rubber and mixing agent are loaded into the mixing chamber from the feeding hopper, the charging door closes, the top bolt of the pressing device is pressed down, and the two rotors in the mixing chamber rotate in opposite directions at different or the same speed. The loaded rubber is continuously stirred, folded and kneaded between the rotor and the mixing chamber, resulting in oxidative chain breakage and increased plasticity. At the same time, the rubber is dispersed and mixed evenly due to shearing action, so as to achieve the purpose of making rubber. For one hundred years, the closed rubber mixing machine has developed rapidly in the rubber industry. Later, there were other types of rotor's closed rubber mixing machine. The rubber mixing cycle of the modern closed rubber mixing machine is 2.5 to 3 minutes, and the maximum capacity of the mixer is 650 litres.


Rubber machinery is used to extrude tread, inner tube, rubber hose and various rubber strips. It is also used to coat cables and wires. The most common is screw extruders. Its working principle is that the rubber mixes, mixes, plasticizes and compresses in the barrel by means of the rotation of the extrusion screw, then moves to the head direction, and finally extrudes the product of a certain shape from the die. According to the needs of products, multiple machines can be used for compound extrusion of various kinds of rubber. The screw extruder is divided into two types: hot feed and cold feed. The hot feed extruder usually feeds the strips preheated by the open type rubber mixing machine. The cold feed extruder does not undergo hot refining without feeding the hot refining equipment.


It is mainly used for gluing or rubbing glue, gluing, pressing and embossing of curtain canvas. The main working parts of the calender are rollers, and the number of rollers is usually 3 or more than 3. When the rubber material with certain temperature and plasticity is fed into the gap between the rollers which rotate in opposite direction, it is strongly extruded and extended under the action of friction force to form the required products. The first calender was made in 1857 and used for production. Especially since 1950s, the development of plastics industry has greatly promoted the improvement of high precision and high speed calenders. In order to obtain uniform thickness calendering products, the new calender usually has a roller deflection compensation device. The thickness of semi-finished products is measured by special equipment, and some calenders are equipped with automatic thickness adjustment system controlled by computer.

Rubber cutting machine

Rubber slicer is a commonly used mechanical device. Its main function is to help users cut rubber quickly. The cutting efficiency is more than ten times that of manual. Such a high efficiency rubber slicer is specially made for rubber production enterprises, which saves a lot of labor costs and greatly improves the cutting efficiency.

Rubber trimming machine

Rubber automatic trimming machine is mainly used to remove the edge of rubber moulding products. It is one of the mechanical equipment in the later process of rubber moulding products. It solves the problem of trimming rubber products, improves the production efficiency, increases the quantity of storage, prevents workers from misoperation, and improves the economic benefits of enterprises.

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