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Fake shock absorbers have been installed in nearly 1,000 Japanese-made buildings

Japan's manufacturing industry has repeatedly exposed fraud scandals.

According to Kyodo News Agency on October 17, Japanese company KYB Industrial Corporation admitted that it had tampered with the performance data of shock absorbers and shock absorbers without authorization, resulting in a large number of unqualified devices flowing into the market, including 986 government buildings, residential apartments and hospitals in China.

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The problem device is to use the stickiness of the oil to reduce the shaking of the building's oil bumper Oil Damper. KYB has tampered with the inspection data in order to make the performance of the device within the national recognized standards, which may lead to the collapse of some buildings in earthquakes of magnitude 7 (Japanese standard).

Japan's Ministry of Land and Transport said that in view of the incident, 88 Japanese manufacturers of shock absorbers will be investigated for tampering with inspection data and submit a report within the year.

The chairman of Japan's non-profit organization "Building GMEN Meeting" Kawabata Zhaofu believes that the shaking caused by the earthquake is unpredictable, the relevant devices can not play their due role, and the possible harm is unimaginable.

On October 16, KYB senior officials held a press conference to apologize to the public. President Kangfu Nakashima expressed his intention to judge business responsibility based on the findings of the external Commission of inquiry. The company intends to replace all irregular products, but some buildings may not be able to use the device for the time being.

KYB said the data tampering was likely to take place between January 2003 and September 2018. Violation devices are divided into two types: shock-free and shock-absorbed. Among the buildings with violation devices, 903 are used for shock-absorbed, involving all buildings in Dudao County, 83 for shock-absorbed and 18 for Dudao County.

KYB has not yet announced which buildings are specifically involved in the violation. However, according to the operating company of Tokyo Clear Sky Tower, the KYB device has been used in the anti-sway system of the tower body, and relevant investigations have begun. In addition, violation devices have also been found in the venues of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the impact of the incident is further expanding.

Japan's reputation as a "manufacturer" is suffering an unprecedented crisis. In 2015, Japan Toyo Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. was exposed to shake-free rubber product data fraud. In 2017, Kobe Steel, Japan's third largest steel company, became the first company in Japan to be revoked from JIS certification for two consecutive years due to falsification and quality control problems.

Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi Group and Japanese chemical giant Toray have also been involved in data fraud scandals. At the end of last year, Mitsubishi Material admitted that its three companies had forged data on sealant products, copper products and other products, affecting 274 customers at home and abroad.

Problem products manufactured by Japanese industry have affected many fields including automobiles, public transport, aerospace, defense, electronic IT and energy.

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