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As a car owner and tire consumer, how much do you know about trademarks, designs, numbers, words on tires, and even the "tire labels" that have been posted in the last two years? Even as cars have come into the home, there are few words to say, and the brand awareness may be just imported and domestic. On the distinction.

As the world's largest tire producer and automobile producer, Chinese consumers have little knowledge of tires.

Since 2015, the China Rubber Industry Association has launched a large-scale public welfare activity of "6.15 China Green Tire Safety Week". In the past few years, what process has been experienced and what results have been achieved? The reporter of China Rubber interviewed Xu Wenying, vice president and Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association.

Only with feelings can we do things well.

"Seeing a flat tire and a school bus overturning, out of a sense of social responsibility, the CAAC feels it is necessary for consumers to understand the common sense of tire safety." Xu Wenying said that consumers generally lack tire knowledge, such as maintenance, use, tire change time, which tire brand, which brand is better, these are not enough, which caused the Chinese Rubber Industry Association to disseminate tire knowledge desire and attention, but also in 2015 the first China Green Tire Safety Week. Public welfare activities started in Dalian.

"In the initial stage, some well-known enterprises at home and abroad are willing to support this public welfare activity as soon as they hear about it, and the start-up funds will have a foothold. You can do things well if you have feelings. It is these enterprises that are keen on public welfare that, in addition to tire enterprises, have the strong sponsorship and support of Bekaert Steel Cord, ExxonMobil, Beijing Bo Petrochemical and Yanggu Huatai raw material enterprises, which have made this public welfare activity sustainable in Dalian, Qingdao and Yantai. The fourth security week event was held in Hefei on June 9th -10. The China Rubber Industry Association is grateful to these enterprises for their praise, "Xu Wenying said.

Promoting transformation with "invisible"

"Safety Week is a public welfare activity, but through this public welfare activities can promote the transformation and upgrading of the tire industry." Xu Wenying said that China's tire export is facing more and more difficulties because of the fierce domestic competition and the "double-reaction" measures taken by the main export markets. Therefore, it is necessary for the tire industry to firmly grasp the important market of domestic sales. "Gold cups and silver cups are not as good as common people's word of mouth." Consumers are the most persuasive and easiest to wake up. As long as the publicity is in place and lasting, consumers will be able to buy the right brand, find the right cost-effective tire. At the same time, what consumers have identified can be left unthinkable - not to buy those "no three packs" tires, low-grade tires, no demand tires will eventually disappear in the market.

Since 2015, Safety Monday has focused on "Green, Safe Travel." In terms of means of communication, it has changed ways to promote tire knowledge and promote safe travel. In the first year, it printed brochures, in the second year, it was pen-hand drawing, in the third year, it launched cartoon image mascot "Tyre Brother", in animated cartoons. China's tire labels and green tires are publicizing by the protagonist "little brother". In 2018, the sponsors of China Rubber Association launched a 5-second advertisement on CCTV to promote "China Green Tire Safety Week".

At the same time, traditional and new media such as social media, host media, China Rubber Industry Association's official media "China Rubber Network" and "China Rubber Magazine" and China Rubber Magazine Wechat have spread to the public, forming an omni-directional and multi-level publicity model and further popularizing tire knowledge to consumers. Knowledge, especially green tire labeling knowledge, enhances the ability of consumers to identify tire brands, the purchase of labeled tires enthusiasm.

"Safety Week will continue, publicizing the leading products and major brands, the entire tire industry will accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading. Domestic refrigerators and color TV sets can rise to victory, and energy saving labels play a great role. Consumer's invisible hand will make those low-priced competitive enterprises lose the market, China's tires will be bigger and stronger there is hope. Xu Wenying believes that China's green tire safety week will become an effective starting point for the transformation and upgrading of the tire industry.


Making China's brand engineering

"Tyre safety week is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people" is a long process. Xu Wenying said that the gratifying thing is that many people in the rubber industry have recognized the brand of their own company, when changing tires to replace the brand of their own company. If everyone spreads tire knowledge to 10 people who don't know how to tire, with this incremental, linear radiation, consumer demand will change by an order of magnitude.

It is understood that over the past few years, China Green Tire Safety Week has adopted publicity measures such as introducing knowledge to the publicity media, introducing tire safety week to the tire industry, and online and offline co-operation of e-commerce platforms. Safety Week this year will carry out a number of landing activities, such as 11 tire companies to participate in the "show + road show" activities and tire store activities, a number of media camping in physical stores, zero-distance contact with consumers, the spread of tire green safety knowledge.

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