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Analysis of The Causes of Bubbles Produced in Rubber Products

Causes of bubbles in rubber products:

1. Most of the reasons may be that the raw material has a problem. We have had a similar situation before, and the other batch material will be better. Otherwise, it is not a good time to exhaust (for reference).

2. When rubber mixing is added, the number of thin passes can be increased to avoid residual air.

3. Vulcanization molding machine is recommended to use vacuum molding machine, to avoid the injection molding of air into the injection molding, bubble problem is very common!

The main reasons are:

1.the problem of the material itself, the raw material in the rubber, the air is wrapped in the material, resulting in the process, the material and air into the mold, if the mold does not add the exhaust slot or processing without setting exhaust technology, the air is easily trapped inside the mold, making the product produce bubbles or blowholes.

2. When the machine is storing material, the screw will involve the air in the machine when the material is coiled. is also the problem of materials, that is, the material contains more moisture.

4.when processing, the speed of injection materials is too fast, forming turbulence, resulting in the production of bubbles.

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